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Expandable Braided Cable Sleeving


Durability For Any Industry   
Expandable Braided Sleeving is manufactured from different thicknesses of monofilament yarns made from various types of poly materials and fibers. These yarns are braided in combinations of materials and patterns to achieve durability, expandability and for ease of installation. Each product or grade is specifically engineered for characteristics such as abrasion resistance, flame retardancy, low outgassing and aesthetics. These sleevings are used in wire harnessing in industries such as aviation and aerospace, and in hose and cable protection for the automotive, heavy equipment and marine industries.

(PT) Grade

Used in electronics, automotive, marine and industrial wire harnessing applications where cost efficiency and durability are critical.  The unique braided construction and wide expandability allows quick and easy installation over large connectors and long runs.


HW is commonly used in industrial and marine applications where extreme abrasion

protection is critical. The durability of HW makes it ideal for protecting hoses and cables that have to withstand constant contact with rough and abrasive surfaces.

SPLIT Wrap   (F6) Grade

F6’s unique split, semi-rigid braided construction makes it the ideal solution for situations where ease of installation is of primary importance. The lateral split allows the tube to open up to accommodate a wide variety of bundling requirements, and the semi-rigid braid configuration simply closes around the entire installation without the need for any additional fasteners (velcro, tape, etc.)

EZ WRAP  Grade

Clark provides the perfect solution to a wide variety of unique application challenges.  The color matched hook and loop closure provides for easy on and off installation, as well as instant and convenient access for harness break-outs and rework of any specific section along the entire length of the run.



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