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RCA Crimp Connectors



The RCA connector is the universally accepted method of terminating coaxial cable

for audio and video signals in Prosumer-type products

such as video decks, DVDs, video projectors, and HD monitors.


  • Precision RCA connector that offers electrical performance up to 3 GHz
  • 50 microinch gold-plated locking internal center conductor crimps to cable
  • Nominal 75 Ohm characteristic impedance end-to-end
  • Compatible with hex, square, and 12-point crimp tools
  • Meets or exceeds MIL-STD-202F requirements



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ADC 75 ohm RCA
Cable Type

  Part  #

  Crimp Size
Recommended Tooling
CD7559     FM59     RCC H Series    500 Series


.255 / .042
CD7506      CRCA-8 .324 / .042 TOOL-1
CD7523, DSM3, DSM5   RCC Thin Profile      CRCA-13 .178 / .042 TOOL-2


For Specifications on RCA Connectors

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