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                                      100 Base-T Patch Panels

The PowerSum telco patch panels convert feeder or equipment cables from 25 pair to 12

individual RJ45 ports with 2 pair presentation suitable for LAN applications including 100 Base-T.

Panels utilize 50-pin/25 pair connector compatible with most 100 Base-TX and 100
Base-T Hubs. Active pins are 1, 2, 3 and 6.

Available in 24 port and 48 port versions, these panels feature the slide label system,

protecting port identification.

Base-T Patch Panels Part #


2U 24 Port Patch Panel

100 Base-T – 2U 24 Port Telco Patch Panel



2U 48 Port Patch Panel

100 Base-T – 2U 48 Port Telco Patch Panel

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